We help with day-to-day operations, Board meetings, and annual meetings. We provide live customer service representatives to assist with maintenance issues, and regularly inspect your community to pro-actively identify problems.

Board meetings
We prepare meeting agendas and all necessary information for each Board meeting, and provide agenda packets to every Board member for review one week before the meeting. We also take minutes at all Board meetings. We are happy to run the meeting if requested – the role for the CJM manager at the meeting is determined by the Board.

Annual Meetings
We prepare all necessary Annual meeting documents, which includes sending Board Interest forms, Notice of Meeting and ballots, and mail them to homeowners within the timeframes required by law. We also prepare the agenda, ballots, tally sheet, a Committee sign-up and list of Association activities, as well as the agenda and necessary documents to complete the Organizational Board Meeting packet, which follows the Annual Meeting.

Maintenance Requests and Work-orders
We handle maintenance requests that are within the Association’s responsibility. Our Customer Service department determines the necessary steps to resolve the problem, including contacting vendors, obtaining estimates and estimated completion dates, and issuing work orders. We obtain Board authorization before issuing work orders when the cost of the project exceeds a pre-determined authorized amount. Each work order is electronically logged and tracked to completion. A copy of every work order is provided to the Board Secretary.

Live Customer Service
Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours to assist in resolving homeowner concerns. If a particular person is unavailable, you may leave a voicemail message. We make every effort to return all calls the same day messages are received.

24-hour Hotline for Emergencies
We provide a 24-hour on-call emergency line for Association-related emergencies. The emergency line is staffed by a CJM manager who will assist with the emergency and contact the Association manager if needed. This service is provided at no additional charge.

Walk-through Inspections
Your manager conducts monthly formal inspections of the community and provides detailed written reports of his or her findings, with photographs. During the inspections we follow-up on maintenance and vendor work to ensure it was completed properly. If any problems are found, we work with the vendor to resolve the situation within thirty days.

In addition to the formal inspections, we conduct periodic informal inspections and note any issues to the manager so that maintenance issues can be addressed and violation letters generated.

Violation Letters
We write violation letters according to the Association’s CC&R’s and provide a copy of all correspondence and work orders to the Board Secretary for review (additional copies can be provided upon request). If the violation letter is addressing a renter issue, the letter is written to the owner and a copy is mailed to the tenant. A copy of the violation is also placed in the owner’s lot file. All violations are electronically tracked.

Online Access to Customized Web Portals
We provide every community with a complimentary customized website where homeowners and tenants can contact their community managers, submit maintenance requests, and read newsletters, minutes and other HOA documents.

Vendor Certifications and Licensing
We require all vendors to submit all necessary licenses and proof of insurance before signing a contract. We periodically update and re-check this information to ensure vendors remain in compliance.

Welcome Packet
We provide new owners with a welcome packet that includes the most current rules and policies for the Association.

Other Services
CJM managers interact with Committee Chairs and supply any necessary information to assist them in their duties.